How it works

  1. Mechanism
    • Rear Wheel motor
    • Steering Motor
  2. Sensing system

    • Incremental Encoder connected with Wheel
      • Sensing velocity of wheel 
      • Distance
    • Variable Resistor
      • Sensing the angle of the steering wheel
    • Gyro and Accelerometer
      • Sensing Two Axis Angular rate for yaw and roll 
      • Sensing Roll Angle of leaning bicycle
        • fusion of the gyro and accelerometer by complementary filter.
    • Web cam 
  3. Control system
    • Self Balanced
      • We used PD control on Leaning angle that means we used Angular rate and leaning angle to be the inputs and the angle of steering to be the output.
    •  Steering
      • There are Two mode the first can be controlled by remote control and the second can be controller by itself from the road following image processing as an automatic bicycle.
    • Rear wheel 
      • We used PI for controlling the velocity.

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