Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BiCYRoBo for Unmaned Bicycle Robot

      Auto-balanced and auto-steerable Bicycle Robot by STRI robot team (Mr jedsadarng, Mr Sakmongkon and Dr.Phongsak (advisor))and from SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE and MEST-LAB .
     The bicycle was developed to compete in the Bicyrobo Thailand competition 2010 established by AIT and SEAGATE.The problem is to build the bicycle robot for balancing and running by itself.Which team can get the highest marks would be the winner.Therefor after the competition our team can pass to the quarter final round and got the Exellent Technique Award.This bicycle can stabilize by itself .There are two modes,at first the bicycle can be steered by leaning the body the second it can run by itself by image processing to follow the road.
     Anyway,we have to Thanks a lot of the Association with the event, Everyone supporting us and RoboRealm for image processing software.

Team Members